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Cartweaver 4 CF and Cartweaver 4 PHP (Cartweaver®) were created for developers and designers alike. With a few easy modifications to personalize your store you can quickly be set up and selling on the web. Cartweaver 4 is developed the popular web application development languages PHP and ColdFusion and is therefore easy to learn and modify. The full application code is provided and can be modified or expanded by a developer.

The Cartweaver Shopping Cart

Cartweaver provides all the functionality you’d expect from an online shopping cart.

Cartweaver is set up to integrate with online credit card processors and gateways (payment processors). Once an order has been verified through the payment processor, Cartweaver sends verification of a completed order to both the customer and the merchant.

Easy Integration!

If you're new to dynamically developed sites or just new to e-commerce, Cartweaver won't hold you back. Many of our customers have reported no previous development experience and have found that they have learned much about the dynamic development process and PHP or ColdFusion by using Cartweaver. We've done our very best to make things easy for you. If you're a Dreamweaver CS (all) user, you'll be able to take advantage of the Cartweaver 4 Dreamweaver Extension. The Cartweaver 4: Getting Started and Installation sections of this documentation provides you with everything you need to do to get your Cartweaver site up and going.

Cartweaver is fully documented and the code is extensively commented, so any time you want to know what is going on or how something works just switch to Code view and read the:
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If you're not using Dreamweaver, a copy of the entire Cartweaver 4 application is provided in or You'll find the code is extensively documented using in-line code commenting. Referring to the code commenting will make it easy to see what the code is doing and what functions are being performed or called.

Separating Form from Function

A key principle followed throughout Cartweaver is to separate functionality from design. All Cartweaver functionality is placed within your existing design via Server Side Includes.

Whether you use the Cartweaver 4 Extension in Dreamweaver or hand-code in Dreamweaver’s Code view, or the text based coding environment of your choice, you will be able to easily place Cartweaver’s functionality in your existing site design.

Completely Customizable

Even though Cartweaver is developed to be easy to integrate, it is still completely customizable. Should the need arise you can customize the application files to suit your needs. We believe Cartweaver is the best marriage of ease-of-use and contemptibility ever offered in an e-commerce application.

The Administration Area

Cartweaver comes with an extensive password protected browser based Administration Area which includes product, order, shipping and customer administration capabilities as well as other important data about your store. Simply set up additional user names and passwords for as many site administrators as needed for your store. For quick and easy reference, context sensitive popup help is provided which fully explains the function of each page for quick and easy reference.

The Cartweaver 4 Database

The Cartweaver 4 database is a robust database built in MySQL. The Administration Area is provided to make populating the database easy for a store's administrator(s). Cartweaver 4 is compatible with MySQL Server 4.0+

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