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Upgrading a Cartweaver 3 store to Cartweaver 4

We have a robust CW3 to CW4 database import utility available that will extract your Cartweaver 3 data, including all products, product images, product options, skus, categories, orders, customers and more, and inserts it into the proper locations within your newly-installed Cartweaver 4 database. This has been tested on stores with thousands of product and customer records, with successful results and speedy processing!

Since all of the table names for Cartweaver 4 are new for this version, if your Cartweaver 3 site uses mySQL*you can install Cartweaver 4 into the same database as you are currently using for CW3, which allows you to run the import utility within your existing database for the fastest results. If your old CW3 database is on a different server, it is not a problem! As long as you have access permissions, you can connect to both databases to copy the required data from version 3 to version 4.

As for the design, this can also be updated with just a few changes. Cartweaver 4 adds its functionality to your presentation pages with server-side includes, one for each primary store page, in much the same way as Cartweaver 3. Upgrading your site to use CW4 while retaining the existing design, can be as simple as removing the Cartweaver 3 includes and adding the Cartweaver 4 includes instead. (Some CSS modifications are usually required, but all styles for CW content are now neatly contained within named divs and other layout elements, for direct CSS targeting while avoiding conflicts with existing styles.)

While the concept of how CW4 and CW3 are added to you presentation files are quite similar, the differences between CW3 and CW4 are pretty significant so you’ll need to work through your files carefully to see what needs to be changed. It is advisable to set up a brand new, blank site and install CW4 into it and look at the presentation files to see what is required and how things fit together. Then proceed. Also remember to set the file names in your admin to match the names you have given them. The default names are different for CW4 than they were for CW3 for example - Results.cfm is now productlist.cfm - so if you are targeting the older file names you’ll need to set those in the global settings in the CW4 admin.

It will take some forethought and being methodical to do it right. But the long term benefits of moving to such modern and more powerful platform could be well worth the effort.

*Microsoft Access databases are no longer supported for Cartweaver 4. However, data can be imported from a Cartweaver 3 Access database, providing a good opportunity to upgrade your db platform. The data importer will also retrieve records from a Cartweaver 3 MS SQL database.

If you need the migration utility contact Cartweaver support and let us know and we will send you a copy.