Documentation for Cartweaver 4
Cartweaver 4      

Basic installation instructions for Cartweaver 4 php

The following instructions assume that you have experience in web (HTML) development and are well versed in the use of your web development application (Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 + or the php text API of choice). It is also assumed that you have the basic knowledge of how to set up a local PHP development environment and how do the basic steps to create a MySQL database.

If this is not the case it is recommended that you use XAMMP to get you started and that you spend some time referring to the XAMPP documentation or refer to the online training links available in the resources section of the Cartweaver site for more information.

Step by step Installation:

For installation on your local system you can leave the delete files check box un checked. If you are setting your site up on the host server, as a security measure, you will want to check this box so the database creation files are deleted when done.