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Discounts can be configured for individual products, individual skus, or for a global discount on all products. Additionally, discounts can be tied into a promotional code, which can be set up by a store administrator.

All discount functionality starts in the Cartweaver admin area, from the Discounts menu in the left column. Discounted prices show in the cart on the results page, on the details page, and in the cart. If a promotional code is required to enable a particular discount, it will show up only after the promotional code is entered when checking out.

Configuring Discount

Before adding discounts, you can configure the overall appearance of discounts in the cart using Store Settings > Discount Settings. There are three settings to be concerned with:

Adding Discount

To add a new discount, click the Add Discount link in the Discounts menu.

The Discount Details form will be shown, allowing you to configure the new discount. The discount requires a Reference ID, a User Friendly Name, a start date, an end date, and an amount/percentage of discount. Be careful when creating discounts using amounts. Amount-driven discounts should not be greater than the price of the product that they can be applied to.

Dates can be chosen using the date popup. An optional promotional code can be defined that will be required to be entered by the user in order to receive the discount. If no promotional code is given, the discount applies to the store - showing in the results and details page.

Work your way through this tab and remember if you have a question about this page, find and click the help "?" in the upper right hand corner for a full description of this page in the online help documentation.

Discounts page, depending on your configuration will have up to four tabs of settings. The tabs are; Discount Details, Conditions, Associated Items, and Usage History .
Discount Details we have already discussed.


On this tab you will be able to select under what conditions the discount will be applied

Associated Items

Discounts can be applied globally, to categories, secondary categories or individual products or SKUs - This tab is where you create relationships between products and discounts if desired.

Usage history

Once a discount has orders placed against it you can no longer delete the discount, and this tab will show that orders usage history of this discount.

Disabling Discounts

You can delete a discount at anytime up until it actually has orders placed against it, form then on it cannot be deleted. You can however archive the discount to "put it away" for later use or just have it out of the way on your Active Discount page.