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Setting Up Shipping - Needs editing

The Cartweaver shipping system is extremely flexible. You can charge anything from a simple flat rate to a very personalized shipping grid that allows you to accurately dial in what your shipping costs are and what your shipping charges should be, or if you're selling digital goods or services you can disable shipping completely.

There are four shipping preferences that can be changed through the Store Settings category under Shipping Settings in your store's Cartweaver Admin:

These four shipping parameters effect how, and how much, shipping will  be charged. The way shipping is calculated is quite powerful so it's worth spending some time planning it out completely.

Charge Range Based On

The Charge Range Based On option allows you to define the unit of measurement to use when calculating shipping, either the weight or the Cart Sub Total. Choose none to disregard ranges when calculating shipping.

Cartweaver adds up the total weight or cost of the order, finds a weight range in which the amount fits for the shipping method that has been selected, and that's the range cost. If base rate is selected the range cost will be added to the base rate to come up with the total shipping cost.

You can adjust the ranges for each shipping method by clicking Range under Shipping/Tax in the Cartweaver Administration Area.

Enable Shipping

Cartweaver allows you to completely disable shipping if your store doesn't require any shipping calculations. Setting this value to No in the Cartweaver Administration Area  will  cause any other  shipping  options to be completely ignored,  and  no shipping costs will be charged to customers during the checkout process. Setting this value to Yes will cause the other three shipping options to charge shipping accordingly.

Charge Base

Set this option to Yes in the Cartweaver Administration Area to charge a base shipping rate for all orders. The base shipping rates don't have anything to do with order cost. A base rate is a flat rate that will be charged for a particular method. Postal = $5.00, UPS Ground = $8.00, FedEx = $12.00, Standard = $5.00, Express = $10.00 and so forth. This base rate can serve as a "floor" on which all other shipping rates are added, or it can serve as a flat shipping rate by turning the other shipping rates off.

You can adjust the base charges for each shipping method by clicking Methods under Shipping/Tax in the Cartweaver Administration Area.

Location Extension

The location extension is a multiplier that charges an additional percentage to the shipping cost based on destination. The total shipping cost from the base charge and the weight range is multiplied by the extension percentage, and the percentage is added to the customer's total shipping costs.

You can adjust the location extension for each region by clicking State/Provs under Shipping/Tax in the Cartweaver Administration Area.

Sample Calculation

The following is a general overview of how the shipping calculation is processed.

The Formula:

The net result of this is that this state is being charged 125% of what the shipping would cost somebody in your home state where the extension would reasonably be set to 0%.

Dialing in your "Shipping Grid"
As you can see, this system allows you to fine tune your shipping charges. You can set up a zone type system that will allow you to be sure you are not overcharging or undercharging shipping.

UPS Shipping Integration

You may also choose to use a third party shipper to calculate your shipping costs Cartweaver currently supports UPS with more on the way. To enable UPS shipping instead of the built in system, in the admin go to Store Settings > Shipping Settings on this page you will see the following form fields, UPS Shipping Access License, UPS Shipping User ID, UPS Shipping Password, and UPS Shipping URL. If these fields are blank then Cartweaver will use the built in shipping system. If you sign up with UPS for a shipping account they will provide you with the information that you need to enter into these fields. Once that is done Cartweaver will use UPS to calculate your shipping. You you will still need to enter shipping group entries for the UPS services you plan to use, such as "Ground", "2nd Day Air" and the like. This is done on the Shipping/Tax > Shipping Methods page.

For information about setting up a UPS shipping account go to the UPS web site.