Documentation for Cartweaver 4
Cartweaver 4      

Cartweaver Database

Cartweaver 4 supports MySQL 4+ and comes with a database creation utility and will install the necessary database tables, fields, and starting point data into your database.

At this Cartweaver 4 PHP and Cartweaver 4 ColdFusion both support MySQL 4+. For the Cartweaver 4 ColdFusion, support for MS SQL Server will be added soon, check back here, on the Cartweaver web site or the Cartweaver Blog for updates on this. There are no plans to support MS SQL for Cartweaver 4 PHP.

A fundamental rule to good database design is to never duplicate data. Following this rule allows for a much faster, efficient and stable database. It also makes it much easier to scale or modify. Every effort has been made to follow this rule in Cartweaver. The database is designed using best practices in database development and will be able to handle stores of just about any size.

Database structure and modifications:
It is beyond the scope of this documentation to discuss the database design or structure. You will be able to deploy and work with your Cartweaver store with virtually no contact with the database beyond the initial database set up. Opening the database itself is discouraged unless you are experienced with database development. Database modifications and customization is certainly possible but is not supported and solving problems that may occur as a result of database modifications are the responsibility of the one doing the modifications.