Documentation for Cartweaver 4
Cartweaver 4      

Dreamweaver Integration

Dreamweaver Extension

The Cartweaver 4 Dreamweaver Extension is compatible with Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 and later. Once installed you will see a Cartweaver menu item in your main Dreamweaver menu. Click in this menu to see your Cartweaver installation features.

Cartweaver Dreamweaver menu

Note: In the image above you will notice there are links for both Cartweaver 4 PHP and ColdFusion, as well a link for Cartweaver 3. This highlights the fact that you can install both versions of Cartweaver 4 and they will coexists with installations of previous versions of Cartweaver. This makes it easier if you work in multiple platforms or maintain sites using previous versions of Cartweaver.

Extension Install

The images above are the install pop-up that you will see when you install Cartweaver into your site. The one on the left is the ColdFusion version and on the right is the PHP version. The only difference between them is the data connection information you enter which is based on the requirements of each platform. For users of previous versions of Cartweaver you notice how simplified this is, all the other global settings that used to be in the tabs of the extension pop-up have been moved into the database and are controlled via the Cartweaver Administration.

Dreamweaver SnippetsCartweaver 4 snippets

Cartweaver 4 no longer has a Dreamweaver tool bar. If you choose to install Cartweaver functionality into your existing pages in your site you can install Cartweaver using the Dreamweaver Extension without the presentation pages, then add the Cartweaver functionality to your pages from the Cartweaver 4 snippets in your Dreamweaver Snippets panel.

As you can see you can have both Cartweaver 4 PHP and ColdFusion snippets installed at the same time, and as with the Cartweaver menu, if you have a previous version of Cartweaver installed, these can coexist with our problems.

All snippets have descriptions that explain what function they add to your page and are organized into folders based on their role in your Cartweaver site. With a better use of the Dreamweaver Snippets feature adding Cartweaver 4 functionality to your pages is now easier that ever! It's a simple matter of placing the cursor where you want the functionality and clicking on, or dragging the snippet onto the page.

Using the Snippets panel also allows you to save and easily reuse your own versions of the Cartweaver snippets should you decide to modify or personalize them in some way.