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Cartweaver 4      

File & Directory Structure and Cart Flow


File & Directory Structure

Cartweaver's functional design depends heavily on the directory structure of the application. This directory structure can be modified, but keep in mind that the structure mapping of the files will need to be modified as well. This can be rather involved so you should weigh carefully whether any benefit from changing the directory structure will be worth the time involved. Cartweaver is only officially supported in the default directory structure.


Site Structure


Cart Flow

This map shows the default flow of a Cartweaver 4 site. You can of course add many files to the catalog/cart portion of your site but the basic flow will remain the same. The default target page names are listed below, along with names of the functional includes that place the cart functionality on the page.

The filenames are up to you; the default filenames are provided, but you may change them to anything you like. If you changer the default file names, be sure to go into the admin to the Site Setup > Cart Pages page and change the page names These target page variables tell the function calls which file to link to in order to show the search results and the product details which file to link to in order to the cart and so forth..

Perform any search using the Cartweaver 4 Search/Navigation functions and by default you will be taken to either the product list page or the product details page. Below is the common flow of the cart through checkout.

Page productlist(.cfm or .php)nextPage product(.cfm or .php) nextPage cart(.cfm or .php)

Then to:

Page checkout(.cfm or .php)nextPage confirm(.cfm or .php)

Tip: It is strongly recommended that before you attempt to add Cartweaver 4 to an existing site that you create a new, blank web site and install Cartweaver 4 into this site and get it set up and working, then take time to look at how the files work together. Doing so will make it much easier to then add Cartweaver to an existing site, once you have a better understanding of how the cart functionality and presentation files work together.