Documentation for Cartweaver 4
Cartweaver 4      

Overview - What's In The Zip?

Cartweaver 4 is available as a download only, there is no CD or "boxed version" You can make a local back-up of your file if you like, but remember that you will be able to log into your Customer Account page on the Cartweaver site and re-download if you need to.

Contents of your download file

Readme & Licence

We strongly encourage you to take a moment before "diving in" to read the Readme.txt and User-Licence.txt files. It's important that you know what your user rights are and what to do about support issues or questions you may have.

Install Instructions - Development Environment

This document will walk you through the process of setting up your local development and testing environment. This is a crucial step in the Cartweaver development process - as this is the ONLY supported development method. We can not support development work-flows that do not include a local development and testing environment. Developing and testing remotely introduces too many unknown variables that are outside of the control of the developer and creates an environment of non-accountability. Any development environment to be successful and efficient, requires the existence of a "controlled environment" The only supported controlled averment is a local development environment.

Install Instructions - Cartweaver 4 - With Dreamweaver

This document will give you Step By Step instruction on how to install Cartweaver 4 into your web site using the Cartweaver 4 Dreamweaver Extension. The CW4 Dreamweaver Extension is compatible with Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 and later - Previous versions of Dreamweaver can work with Cartweaver 4 just like any other ColdFusion or PHP web site, but installation of Cartweaver into the site will have to be done manually - refer to our Installing Manually video to see how easy this is.

Install Instructions - Cartweaver 4 - Without Dreamweaver

This document will take you through the step by step process of installing Cartweaver 4 into a web site by working directly with the source files, without the use of the Dreamweaver. This process will be ideal for developers that prefer to work directly in code view in Dreamweaver or use other text based development tools such as Eclipse, CF Builder, Notepad++ or the like.

Cartweaver4(php or cf) .mxp Extension File

This is the Cartweaver 4 Dreamweaver Extension - Simply double click this file or open Adobe CS Extension Manager and open this file to install the Extension and add Cartweaver or the Dreamweaver UI. Note: The Cartweaver 4 extension is compatible with Dreamweaver CS3 and later versions

Cartweaver4 Source-Files [folder]

This folder contains all the source files for your Cartweaver 4 installation. You can drag and drop a copy of the contents of this folder to the folder of your intended Cartweaver based site and follow the installation instructions contained in - Install Instructions Without Dreamweaver.txt - to compleat the installation.